Counted Cross Stitch Pincushion

With very little cross stitch fabric you can make a pincushion either for yourself  or as a gift.

What do you need





With as little as 5.5″ x 3″ of aida or evenweave fabric you can make a pincushion.

1.  Stitch your design by using only half of the fabric.

2.  When complete fold the fabric in half with the design facing inwards.

3.  Stitch two of the sides of the material with one strand of thread or use normal sewing cotton.  Sew a 5mm seam using the holes of the fabric as a guide.

4.Turn the pincushion the right way out pushing the corners with a pin so they  form a neat point.

5.  Fold the wadding in half and half again.  Insert this into the pincushion.

6. Turn under the edges and sew up the opening with tiny neat stitches.