5 Cross Stitch Tips

Tip 1

Make sure before you start to cross stitch your hands are clean.

This prevents the stitching being stained.

It is possible to gently hand wash the stitching  after completion.

Prevention is better than cure.

Tip 2

It is always best to use an embroidery hoop for cross stitch to keep the fabric taut and it keeps the stitching even.

Tip 3

Wooden embroidery hoops can mark your fabric with oils from the wood.

Bind the hoop with masking tape or some other material to protect your fabric.

It is unlikely the wood stains will be washed out.

Tip 4

When using an embroidery hoop to stitch it is best to use one that covers the stitching area.

This is not always possible when stitching a large design.

Tip 5

If you are working with an embroidery hoop and leaving your stitching for some time, take the hoop off the stitching to prevent marks and flattening any stitches.

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