Counted Cross Stitch Bookmarks

Counted cross stitch bookmarks are very easy to make and a lovely gift to give as a little extra present.

There are various ways to make a bookmark and the choice is yours as to which method you use.  Below is just one method.  As with cross stitch cards it is another practical idea to use up leftover threads and fabric.

Bookmarks vary in width this will be dictated by the design and how much fabric you have in your work-box.  Remembering that  there will need to be enough fabric around the completed stitching for the mounting of the project.

The easiest method is to fray the edges of the fabric once you have stitched your design.  This is achieved by pulling out a block or two of the  fabric threads vertically for the sides of the bookmark and horizontally for the top and bottom.

This prevents any fraying and there is no sewing involved.  If you wish the bookmark can be presented with the stitching showing at the reverse as long as it is neat and tidy with no loose ends.   A more finished look to  the design is to take a piece of fabric of a similar weight as the bookmark and with fabric glue attach it to the reverse of the bookmark.