Cross Stitch Cards

There is nothing more rewarding than making a card for someone.  The recipient knows that you have made it with them in mind and appreciate the thought that has been put into stitching it.  It is a present in itself and the receiver may even put it into a frame especially if  the card was for a special occassion.

Stitching when mounted into a card looks stunning, no matter how simple the design.

Once your needlework is finished.  Using a warm iron, gently iron on the reverse side with the stitching placed on a folded bath towel this prevents the stitches being flattend.  Trim any loose or long threads as these may show through the fabric.

Carefully cut the fabric to fit inside the card.  Ensure that the design is central in the aperture.  Allow at least 1/4″ (6mm) all round the outer edges if possible.

Carefully cut and apply the strips of double sided tape around the edge of the aperture.  Remove the protective strips and carefully place the fabric/design onto the tape.  Check that the design is central in the aperture and apply gentle pressure to secure.

Cut and apply strips of double sided tape to the three outer edges of the cover flap.   Remove protective strips, fold the cover flap over the fabric/design and press firmly to secure.

Fold over the back flap and your card is complete.