How Tidy is Your Cross Stitch?

The reverse of your work is just as important as the front.  Below are a few tips for keeping the reverse tidy.

1 If you use a knot on the reverse make sure to be able to snip it once you have anchored the thread.

2 Loose ends make sure there are no long strands at the back of your work they could show through when complete.

3 Weave any loose ends on the reverse through three or four stitches to anchor the thread.

4If you trail your thread rather than cutting and recommencing stitching only do it for two to three stitches.

5 Avoid trailing thread across the fabric if there are not going to be any stitches as this will be visible from the front.

Just five simple tips to keep your work tidy on the reverse this prevents the project from being uneven when framed or displayed.

Hours spent stitching could be spoiled unnecessarily by being untidy.

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