Making a Calendar with Counted Cross Stitch

Making a calendar is so easy and makes a lovely stocking filler.


1  Completed design not too large.

2 Calendar Block and cover.

3 Hanger to attach to the back, ribbon or gummed hanger

4 Either an aperture card or a pre-cut piece of mount board with an aperture.

First you will need to decide or have an aperture in mind and the size of design you require to fit the aperture.  The design will be pretty small.

To make the calender all that is needed is a pre-cut mount card these can be purchased online with aperture or an aperture card.

Attach the design to the card the same as you would with making a normal greetings card.   Once the design is secure attach the backing paper with glue or double sided tape.  Attach a ribbon or you can purchase  gummed hangers.  Then choose where you would like to position the calendar block and attach.

There you have a calendar which at the end of the year can be framed as a picture or replace the calendar block for the next year.

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