Making a Scissor Keep

Scissor keeps are a useful addition to  your workbox you will always know where to find those elusive scissors.  These can be made with leftover aida fabric and threads from other projects.  Find a small cross stitch motif for the size or the fabric.

The choice of colours is entirely personal but bold ones are best so they stand out in your workbox. Within a few hours you will have an attractive accessory and will never lose your scissors again.

You will need:

14 count aida 3.5″x3.5″ (9x9cm) fabric size add an inch to each side.

Stranded cotton

Needle size 24

Backing Fabric  3.5″x3.5″ (9x9cm)

Sewing cotton and needle

2oz wadding same size as the aida

Ribbon to tone with the front 18in (46cm)

With the right sides facing stitch around the scissor keep and backing fabric.  Leave oneside open.

Turn the right sides out and press.  Place the wadding in the centre and slip stitch the opening.

Place two ends of the ribbon at one corner before closing the seam.

Finally secure the scissors to the ribbon.

If making a keep for a gift adding some piping or cord around the edges makes the item look more attractive.

These are ideal gifts for the avid stitcher.

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