Making a Tassle

Tassles are an attractive addition to a completed cross stich item such as a bookmark or a pincushion.

They are easy to make using leftover threads. All you need is a piece of card,needle and stranded cotton.

Take the card (3 x 3 cm) depending on the size you require for the tassle if you need a larger tassle increase the dimensions.

1 Leave some strands to one side for binding the tassle.

2 Holding the card in one hand and the threads in the other. Wind the thread around the card until you have used it all.

3 Thread the needle with two strands of thread and pass this under the thread on the card. Leave 7cm at each end.

4 Tie the two ends together tightly.

5 Cut the untied end of the thread on the card.

6 Take the remaining thread and approximately 5mm from the knot wind it around the thread and pass through the wound thread to finish it off.

7 Trim the ends of the tassle to neaten them.

8 With the two hanging threads attach the tassle to your chosen item.

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