Making Cord

To make cord to decorate a completed cross stitch item such as a pincushion or scissor keep is very easy.

Cut two strands of thread to the size required to go around your finished item.

For a thicker cord use more strands.

Knot at both ends attach one end to a door handle.

Keeping the thread taut twist the end you are holding in one direction until there is a tight twist.

Take the centre of the threads and double the cord back so both knotted ends are touching.

Holding the knotted ends let the cord hang and twist together to form the cord.

Attach the cord all the way around the item.

Knot the two ends together at the base and trim the knots.

The remaining thread can be left as a tassel but that is personal choice.

This method can also be used for attaching scissors rather than using ribbon.

It is another versatile way to add to your stitching with surplus threads.

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