Rhinestones and Gems

Adding rhinestones or gems make a lovely addition to your finished card.

These are available as self adhesive or need a spot of glue.

To ensure the self adhesive rhinestones or gems do not fall off you may want to add a spot of glue for safety.

Many cross stitch cards are placed into an aperture card with no other embellishment.

Putting three rhinestones on one or more corners can enhance the card immensely.

Various shapes and sizes are available in a rainbow of colours.

Clear rhinestones or gems are ideal as they will reflect the colour of the card it is placed on.

Sizes start at 1mm upwards.

The more popular sizes are 3mm to 6mm.

Choose a size shape and colour that compliments the colours in your design.

Adding these will make your card stand out on the mantlepiece.

They are an inexpensive addition to your workbox.

They can be the difference between a lovely card to a really special card.