Starter Kits

Buying a starter kit is the best way to learn cross stitch.  The kits contain everything needed to complete a project apart from an embroidery hoop and sharp scissors.  The instructions are simple and easy to follow.

The kits will normally use whole crosses rather than including  fractional stitches which are for the more experienced stitcher.

So many people want to learn cross stitch because they have seen a lovely design buy it and then realise how detailed it is.  The project will be put to one side and never be finished and the person decides that cross stitching is not for them.

Stitching then becomes a chore for various reasons:

So many colour changes.

Concentrating on the chart and stitching at the same time.

The project includes fractional stitches.

It may include french knots.

Large amounts of backstitching.

As with anything new there is always a learning curve to go through.  With cross stitch it is important to see the work grow and complete a project.

The most important point is that it is there to relax and enjoy.

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