Thread Storage

Threads are bought in skiens made of six strands of thread  and normally you pull one of the ends and cut the length required.  Then you split the thread to take the amount of strands you need.

If you take one thread how do you store the other five?

There are different simple inexpensive storage systems available to save losing any thread.

1 Bobbins these are available in cardboard or plastic.  Wrap your threads around  and write the thread number on the edge.  If you write in pencil it can be erased at a later date and the bobbin can be reused.  These can be purchased in packs of  25,50 or 100.

2 Thread Organisers, these are available in cardboard or plastic.  These are available in various sizes they have holes  so the thread can be looped through.  There is space by each hole to write the number of the thread.

3 Plastic storage boxes there are a variety of boxes on the market which are used for thread storage  and for keeping the bobbins in.

Storing thread on these items is ideal  as leftover thread can be used for small projects and nothing is wasted.