Using a Chart to Stitch a Counted Cross Stitch Design

When using a kit for counted cross stitch it contains everything you need to stitch a design.

When you purchase a chart it should include the size of the completed design.

It will not necessarily tell you how much fabric you require so  you will need to add two inches or 5 centimetres  to each side of the design.  The reason for this is there is plenty of fabric for the mounting of the piece.  It is much better to have too much fabric than too little.

The chart is made up of a grid of squares. Each square will have symbols representing the colours.  For example a cross would be blue, so all the crosses on the chart would be stitched in blue thread.  Squares without symbols means no stitching is required.  At the side or the bottom of the chart there will be a key for you to refer to.

The size of the chart may look smaller than the finished design size stated on the chart.  Each square represents a stitch so your design will be the size stated on the chart.

In order to commence stitching it is necessary to find the middle of the chart this will be where your first stitch will be.  On the chart there will be bold lines and numbers every ten squares.  Zero is in the middle at the top and bottom and at the sides.  Follow the lines and where they meet this is the middle you may want to mark this with a pencil.

It is important when working from a chart  you read the instructions before you begin stitching.