Which Needle shall I use ?

Needles used for cross stitch have a large eye for threading and a blunt end.

When cross stitching it is important to choose the appropriate needle for the fabric count you are using.  The needle should slide through the fabric, rather than having to push it through. Using the incorrect needle size can spoil the enjoyment of  stitching a project.  For example using a size 18 needle with 18 count fabric would not only be difficult for the needle to pass through the hole it would also distort your fabric.  The thread for the project would become worn with the friction of passing through the fabric and therefore break.

Needles normally are nickel or gold.  The gold are much better but more expensive.  There are also plastic needles which are designed for children.

Below is a guide to needle sizes and fabric

Needle Size                            Fabric Count

18                                                 6

20                                                 8

22                                                 11

24                                                 14

26                                                 16

28                                                 18

When you use the correct tools for any job it makes the work easier.  Cross stitch is a relaxing and enjoyable hobby when you use the correct sizes.

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